Pre-Purchase Surveys and Snag Lists
For Home Buyers and Owners

Get immediate personalised quotes from local property professionals and book them online

Our platform makes it easy for clients to get an instant quote for your services and buy online! All without any upfront payments or long term commitment! provides you with a simple ONLINE plugin QUOTE TOOL to allow you to quote and get paid DIRECTLY through your website or other online channel. Clients can also find you and buy directly through our Client Hub.
We have innovative digital service offerings to help drive your business coming throughout 2020!! We are the right professional technology partner for your business. FREE trial period until 2021.

Quotation Engine

Instant Quotation for your surveys based on your own charging structure. Including location, distance, property size, type and age. Our online quotes all use criteria advised by RICS & SCSI.


Online Payments System

Using Stripe, you receive secure direct payment for purchased online business, all before you even visit the property.

No bad debts

No admin worries

No hassle

Upfront payment